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Sunday, 1 April 2018

How I lost my virginity - Diary of a single woman 3

Dear Diary,
Glitter is here again.. I'm telling the tale of how I lost my virginity today.

So, remember the random guy I told you about? Yeah.. We got to chill out for just 3 days, then we hooked up.

We got to the guest house and my heart was pounding like mad. I had all the anxiety of a woman about to lose her virginity. Will it hurt? Will it be pleasurable? Will it be pleasant? I absolutely didn't know

I dropped my bag on the bed and excused myself. The D day is here. I splashed some water on my face and took a bolstered breath. I'm fucking him. Condoms, check. Postinor 2, check.

I went back to the bedroom and I see him sitting on the bed.. His profile is so perfect. He's so handsome and beautiful at the same time.

He looked up and I guess he can see my apprehension. He smiled in reassuringly. He stood up and held my hands.. Kissed my forehead..

"Suck my dick, glitter." Shock rips through me at his words. His tongue licks from my head down to my neck..

He bit the shell of my ear.. I felt juice bubble deep in me.. When he saw that i was hesitant, he held my hand and gently placed it on his dick.. Although a virgin, I am not new to sexual pleasures.

I'm a pro at sucking dick by the way. I knelt at his feet and pulled out his cock. Fuck. Dark and thick with a mushroom shaped head. I licked it up.

I love his dick. I showered it with love. He gripped my head tightly and i slurped harder.. Then he pulled me up and spread me on the bed.

Proceeded to gently pull off my dress and began to eat me up.

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