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Monday, 2 April 2018

The Servant 2


I walk back into the kitchen and saw her standing right where I left her. Its important to note that she wasn't screaming. I didn't gag her remember? Yet she didn't scream. I saw the curiosity all over her. Her chest heaving, her eyes pleading for something more. She wants it. She needs it. 

"You like being tied up innit? You want a good fucking yeah?" I whisper as I moved closer to her and kiss the shell of her neck. Her eyes round in shock at the audacity of my words. She try to sputter a comeback but I capture her lips.

She moans in relief and kissed me deeper. My hands wander down her arched back and she groans.. fuck. My dick is hard as a nail right now.  my fingers went straight up to her twat without any further ado. It was my turn to be shocked. little slut was bare! She wore nothing under and her pussy cream leaked onto my fingers.

I slide a finger right in and it parted like butter. so warm. so wet. Not too tight- just the way I love a cunt. I can feel my excitement growing along with my need to fuck her. Not yet though. I curve my fingers up into her sheath and slither around for her little spot. I knew I found it when her breath hitched.

I caress that spot deep in her until she had to bite down on my neck to keep from screaming.. I finger her till she reach the cusp of orgasm then I pull back. I repeated this move until she became a blubbering mess.

"You need me to fuck you yeah.." she nodded in agreement, sweat spotting her brows. I withdrew my fingers with a pop and her eyes closed, her pussy trying to latch onto my digit. And just in time. Her husband started banging on the kitchen door.. "Are you there Eliza?" 

She tried to escape, her eyes rounding in panic. I firmly placed her hands on my cock. My eyes went cold. "You are not getting this dick until you beg for it" then I bit her neck quite hard, leaving a strawberry colored hickey.

Let her find an explanation for her husband I thought with a chortle as I watched her backside hustle to the door.

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